Eiffel Tower | Paris, France

Eiffel Tower | Paris, France

There is nothing we can’t do. There are just things we haven’t done yet...
— Kaylene & Junnie Victorio

Victorio Family here–we are an adventurous family of three living a simple, intentional, and holistic life. (Can you spot the toddler tucked away sleeping in the backpack?) Our family is currently in the process of living out our dream of traveling and making friends wherever we go...no matter the distance. In the last several years dramatic family events followed by natural healing miracles has shed light on a new path for our family. 

It is our mission to empower all people–new friends, old friends, family friends, future friends–by sharing our healthy & holistic family practices as we continue to learn & grow.

We don't own much, buy much, or need much. When we say simple we mean simple.  What we lack in possessions we make up for in personality!

Junnie "Daaa-yee" is really in touch with his Native American roots. He is the spiritual type that appreciates meditation, natural remedies, and the sweat lodge–which in most cases means a towel wedged under the bathroom door, scalding faucet, and eucalyptus essential oil. Junnie is also the world's greatest story teller.

Kaylene "Maa-maa" is a big dreamer, extreme optimist and crazy dancer. In nature you are at the mercy of the earth's elements, and in our home we are at the mercy of Mama's big dreams and spastic spontaneity!

Quincy "Tinn-see" is a little water-loving, essential oil sniffing, Brussel sprout eating, puppy hugging, socialite of a toddler. In short, he is the result of two adventurous souls and a whole lot of love.

SIDENOTE- It our dream to live abroad...one day! We took our first family trip to Europe this March 2017 to checkout which future foreign city to call home.

So what are your waiting for?! Come inside and take a look-see. We invite you to live holistically with us.